Gaziantep Peace & Art Center

SGDD-ASAM continues to carry out activities with Peace & Art Center established in Gaziantep in cooperation with GİZ. Project aims to improve protection conditions of Syrian refugees and to empower them through the Peace & Art Center in Gaziantep, building the capacity of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees in parallel with creating a healthy environment between refugees and host community by means of a wide range of arts, recreational and public awareness activities. The Peace & Art Center receives support from SGDD-ASAM’s field offices in the city and the project staff includes professionals, Syrian teachers and Syrian and Turkish volunteers to conduct activities with Syrian women, children and youth.

Objectives of the Project:

  • To create an environment of peace and solidarity between Syrian refugees and host community in Gaziantep through a wide range of arts, sports and recreational activities,
  • To support and empower Syrian refugees through trainings and services in Gaziantep by means of language courses, music, painting and hand skills support at the Peace & Art Center,
  • To provide a healthy environment for Syrian refugees through recreational and ice-breaking activities which include host community participation by means of arts, sports, folk dances and recreational games,
  • To alleviate possible segregation and xenophobia in the host community in Gaziantep through public awareness activities including a journal, refugee chorus, photography exhibitions and a refugee film festival.