Ankara Multi-Service Center Project

SGDD-ASAM has been carrying out a great variety of performances and services provided for the Syrian and Non-Syrian refugees residing in Ankara in the Multi Service Center which is located in Mamak. Within the scope of the project which is underway in cooperation with the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GİZ), legal, social andpsychological counselling as well as Turkish, English and Arabic courses are provided to the refugees in cities.

The services and activities carried out in the Center are indicated as follows:

  • Art workshops for children
  • Music courses
  • Craft workshops (carpet weaving, web site design, toy making, handicrafts, jewelry design, cake decoration,etc.)
  • Health consultation and hospital consultation services
  • Assignment of interpreters for refugees by the Central Management, when required
  • Awareness raising activities to draw the attention of the host community and authorities
  • Activities performed to support and facilitate the integration process of the refugees with the local people


In order to provide all these services,an expert staff including psychologists health educators, compliance specialists, educators and interpreters are assigned. The center, with its multi-service concept and comprehensive operations, is the first Center in Ankara dedicated to provide access for the refugees to rights and services.