Mediterranean Bridge 2015: A Link between Civil Societies of Turkey and Italy

Funded by Central Finance and Contracts Unit; Mediterranean Bridge 2015 aimed to contribute in deepening the knowledge of Turkish Civil Society with the policies of European Union concerning human rights of refugees / asylum seekers / migrants both in terms of legislation and implementation.

For achieve this goal several activities planned and these are:

  • Stakeholders analysis and target baseline of CSOs and local authorities in Liguria region / Italy and Gaziantep region / Turkey
  • Elaboration of 2 comparative studies on legislation, praxis and provision of services on human rights of refugees / asylum seekers / immigrants in Italy and Turkey
  • Institutional visit of the Turkish beneficiaries to the Italian target region.
  • Elaboration of a Joint Report, including recommendations guidelines for migration workers.
  • Publication and distribution among the stakeholders of the studies and the Joint Report on Italian and Turkish legislation and praxis
  • Publication and dissemination of a booklet including recommendations for professionals dealing with migration issues in Italy and Turkey
  • International conference on the comparative results of the report, to be held in Gaziantep, including the launch of the Joint Report and the participation of representatives of the Italian counterpart.

With these steps the project will make stakeholders from Italy and the region of Gaziantep connected and coordinated with each other and are acquainted with legislation and praxis on human rights of refugees/asylum seekers/migrants. Furthermore, it is also planned to make EU legislation, policies, praxis and provision of services on human rights of refugees / asylum seekers / immigrants more disseminated and visible.