Migration Network in Europe and Turkey

The project aimed to ensure exchange of information and experience among the non-governmental organizations in Europe and Turkey and to maintain the communication between the organizations. This project aspired to improve the dialogue between the institutions in the context of migration and asylum policies and to develop a common approach for migration management between Europe and Turkey. The partners of the project are ANCE from Greece and Istanbul Kültür University, Human Resource Development Foundation (IKGV) and SGDD-ASAM from Turkey. Project started in February 2016 and completed in April 2017.

Mediterranean Bridge 2015: A Connection Between the Civil Societies in Turkey and Italy

The project aimed to increase the knowledge of the non-governmental organizations operating in Turkey on human rights practices in the field of asylum in the European Union. Within this scope, a comparative analysis of the activities and practices of NGOs and local authorities operating in Gaziantep in Turkey and in the Liguria Region in Italy; and the legislation regarding the migrants and asylum-seekers in both countries is conducted and the results of these analyses is shared in the study visits and meetings. Project started in February 2016 and completed in March 2017.