You can support the activities which are being carried out by our Association. The donation that you will make will be directly and indirectly used for asylum seekers and refugees throughout Turkey. Disabled people, alone women and alone prents, LGBTI individuals, unaccompanied and separated children, elder people, people with chronic diseases, victims of sexual and gender-related violence and victims of non-discriminating violence as sensitive groups are of top priority with regard to transferring the donation to the refugees and asylum seekers.

In which fields you can make donation? 

• Financial aid: Financial aid can be done once by considering the sensitivity situation including the persons in the direction of incoming requests. Besides the possible urgent needs are covered within this field.

• Food-aid packet / shopping card aid: Food packets or shopping cards are given to the families and individuals being in the sensitive situation to enable them to meet their needs such as food, hygiene, personal care. Alcohol and cigarette cannot be bought with the given cards.

• Toys and stationery materials for children: Such supports as providing toys and stationery packet are conducted for preschool and school children. By this way, it is aimed to support the activities such as playing games having important role in children development and as painting developing their manual dexterity.

• Health services and medication aid: It is used for meeting the needs such as hospital, medication, glasses, prosthesis, and wheel chair expenses of the refugees and asylum seekers who cannot afford these in case of chronic and long term diseases.

• Support for adaptation activities carried out by the association: It is used for organizing activities, briefings and seminars such as Traditional 8th March International Women Day Meeting, Children Fesitval, Refugee Film Days aiming for social inclusion for refugees and asylum seekers and to raise social

You can support by indicating one of above mentioned donation fields or as general donation to the bank account of which IBAN number is TR78 0006 2000 0820 0006 2975 05

Sığınmacılar ve Göçmenlerle Dayanışma Derneği
Garanti Bankası Kızılay Şubesi (Branch)
Account No: 082-6297505
IBAN No: TR78 0006 2000 0820 0006 2975 05

                                                                             Thank you for your support!